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ProLinks Biometrics #56 - Bill Gates, Digital IDs and the issues of managing identities

Bill Gates funding Digital ID research The Alan Turing Institute cooperates with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to improve digital identity solutions. Check out the program page for more details. NIST to benchmark facial recognition on faces with masks Everybody in biometrics is looking at NIST benchmarks and now they want to test facial recognition algorithms on face images occluded with masks , which became really important over past months. Some questions for remote onboarding It is always good to think about the worst case scenarios and here is a short summary of concerns when using selfies for remote onboarding. Of course, it is always important to strike some balance between security, usability and potential risk of breaking the checks. Digital banking in Slovakia Slovakia is one of the leaders when using newest technology in banking including biometrics . Here is an interview with one of the major baking system supplier Softec Identity management done right Biometrics i