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ProLinks Biometrics #55 - The death of fingerprint scanners

A lot has happen in the biometric field in the past two weeks, from facial recognition vendors helping countries fight the spread of the virus to affecting fingerprint scanner market. Also some great guides to facial recognition and interesting look into printing artificial fingerprints. Enjoy! Facial biometric is fighting Covid-19 Poland and other countries are using facial biometrics to fight Covid-19 spread. Use cases range from registration for help to quarantine checks. Also, biometric IDs can help to fight epidemics and pandemics more effectively by identifying sick and cured more precisely. "More than 1 billion people worldwide have no way of proving their identity, according to the World Bank." This is the time to get rid of passwords World Economic Forum is arguing, that we should get rid of passwords to reduce fraud . Nowadays a lot of business transactions are done remotely and passwords are insufficient to really provide secure transactions: &q

ProLinks Biometrics #54 - Covid everywhere

Of course biometric field is influenced by current pandemic, but also good news about facial recognition accuracy and bad (or good, depending on your goal) news about deep fakes. Enjoy! Covid-19 everywhere Biometric shift to face is only being accelerated now as touching fingerprint scanners becomes troublesome. Also other technology like fever detection is being deployed in different places . Best algorithms are not racist This report from Information Technology and Innovation Foundation discusses the state of facial recognition algorithms and debugs some of the myths. Deep fakes creation even easier now The state of the art for deep fakes improves again, check it out.