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ProLinks Biometrics #53 - Azure biometric support, criminal investigations and more

Azure is starting to support biometrics as a replacement for passwords, police departments can get really creative when using facial recognition and why banning facial recognition is missing the point. Enjoy! Azure supports FIDO2 Azure Active Directory will support FIDO2 standard for biometric authentication. There are some prerequisites as to the versions supported, but it should ease up all the logging in with tons of passwords. Anyway, this week there is a lot of articles about FIDO 2 in general and other news about getting rid of passwords. Celebrities as probe images Apparently, it is not so uncommon to use celebrity images to find suspects in police investigations. Read about it and other "Garbage In, Garbage Out" approaches here . Source: As NYPD is mentioned in the article, here is a related story about their policy on facial recognition . Why banning facial recognition does not make sense While lot of people

ProLinks Biometrics #52 - Great long-forms about NEC and Facial recogniton

EU wants to share criminal databases, Singapore watns to get rid of IDs and Passports and yet another way to fool facial recognition. Enjoy! NEC profile Everybody inside the industry knows NEC, but if you have never heard of this company, check out its profile from OneZero . Another way to fool facial recognition Researchers like to break things, so here is a new paper that shows you how to fool a lot of facial recognition systems, called Fawkes. Facebook paying people for their voices Facebook is trying to improve its voice recognition and probably after the fines based on BIPA is doing it the right way - getting it from users with explicit consent. Android to make biometrics easier Android will allow developers to tune the security level of biometric authentication, which is a huge improvement from current state. We have to wait for Android 11 though . Singapore getting rid of IDs and Passports According to The Straits Times , Singapore is aiming to replace