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ProLinks Biometrics #49 - How biometrics is making spying hard

In this edition the highlight for me is an article from Yahoo news about the trouble spy agencies are in because of biometrics and surveillance (I love irony). Other than that, you can read about reducing friction or using biometrics to track police (again, I love irony). Enjoy! Biometrics How biometrics has changed spying Biometrics at borders control, using it to issue documents or checking at hotels is making work of spies using fake identities hard to impossible, depending on a state. For example, Singapore will alert security forces if somebody is taking too long to check into a hotel . Read the linked article to find out much more. Source: Reducing friction Nowadays is all about the user experience and friction or the lack of it. User do not like to make unnecessary actions to accomplish something . Reducing friction is mostly great, but there are also downsides, as overusing social networks. Making sure that policemen are working Pol

ProLinks Biometrics #48 - Emotion detection is BS, biometric cards are coming and more

Happy New Year everybody! After a holiday pause I have prepared a short summary of stories that caught my eye in the biometric industry. Find out more about phishing attacks, account creation fraud and more. Enjoy! Biometrics Children still not being registered properly Right to be recognized as an individual by the state is a fundamental one. Still, one in four children under age 5 (166 million), on average according to UNICEF, are not registered in the world today, which means that they can later on face issues with accessing services or calling on their rights. Source: US has passed a bill to fight deep-fakes House of Representatives has passed Identifying Outputs of Generative Adversarial Networks Act unanimously, which is pretty unusual from my impression of US politics. This should, for example, assure funding for research into deep-fakes. Chine tried to get World Bank funding for surveillance World Bank supports many programs to fight povert