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ProLinks Biometrics #47

I am back from vacation with more news for you! In today's edition you can find about how Chinese companies are drafting standards or how US Navy saves millions by using biometrics. Enjoy! Source: Biometrics Streaming services trying to prevent password sharing Netflix, HBO and others are thinking about using biometrics to prevent password sharing , which violates the terms of use. US Navy to register new personnel using biometrics US Navy will use biometrics instead of signatures to sign paperwork, which should cost $180,000 compared to current $2.5 million. How Democrats would regulate facial recognition USA has still huge influence in the world so the stance of potential future US president should be important for everyone, who cares about facial biometrics and privacy. Rank of countries in terms of invasive deploying of biometrics China at the top of countries using biometrics in invasive way is not surprise to me, US in the forth