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ProLinks Biometrics #46

In today's ProLinks issue you can learn about facial biometrics applied to porn and killer drones, how to unlock any fingerprint protected phone or how to tell, if somebody has used heroin just by looking on their fingerprints. Enjoy! Biometrics Scan your face if you want to see this porn Australia wants to use face recognition for age validation when visiting porn and gambling websites . Britain tried to do something similar (using ID) but it was dropped. This has several issues, accuracy of the age estimation being the least of them. Biometrics for people with disabilities Here is a study about usability of biometric systems by people with disabilities. Scanning device positioning seems to be the biggest issue. Android offering one biometric API Fingerprints were available in Android API for a long time. New biometric API is aiming to abstract modality, be it fingerprint, iris or face from the authentication itself. Money20/20 interviews Money20/20 wa