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ProLinks Biometrics #45

As promised I am back after two weeks with a load of information about biometrics and related topics. We have everything from billion dollar lawsuits to issuing toilet paper using face. Enjoy! Biometrics Unlocking your phone with eyes closed New Google phone can apparently be opened even if your eyes are closed (e.g. while sleeping), which is not great (slightly easier to exploit than using your finger while you are asleep).  Apple requires you to look at the screen, not sure how that works with sunglasses, but you cannot have everything :). Google claims it can take months to be fixed , which is strange, because open eyes detection is already solved problem (at least for basic security). Unlocking your phone using any finger Unlocking your phone while you are asleep sounds bad, unlocking it with any fingerprint is even worse . That is however what happened with new Samsung phone and its in screen sensor. All you need is clear silicone phone case over the top of

ProLinks Biometrics #44

ProLinks are back after a long silence thanks to new ideaton sessions we have started in our consulting team at Innovatrics. Here is what happened. Consultant works more or less like a one man army - visiting customers and helping them solve whatever issue they have related to our products and projects. We therefore often get out of sync on what is happening with other projects, clients, competitors, tools or generic news. So, I have promised that I will try to keep my team up to date with the latest news. And while I'm at it, lets keep up to date everyone who is interested. Because at Innovatrics we focus on biometrics, for now most news will be focused on that. Of course, now and than we discover something that is really useful for anyone, so there will be also a section for stuff like that. So from now on, every two weeks I will try to compile what I have found on the Internet about biometrics. That's enough for an explanations, lets jump in on the news.