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ProLinks #43 - Lessons for Product Managers, Recruiters, Coders and more

IT Write clean code and get rid of code smells with real life examples - It is common that developers are kind of lazy, which is very good in so many ways; however, being lazy and copy/past lines of code is not a proper behaviour. The Floppotron: Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams cover by computer hardware orchestra.  Engineers Say "No Thanks" to Silicon Valley Recruiters, Citing Ethical Concerns - Some engineers are turning down tech recruiters by citing concerns about corporate values Software Security is a Programming Languages Issue - Security vulnerabilities are both enabled and prevented by various language (mis)features, and programming (anti)patterns.  Markov Chains - Explained Visually 1 year of Product Management later - So today, instead of talking about the ‘5 do’s and don’ts of being a good PM’ etc. I thought I’d share exactly what I observed and learned. Level up for UX: Design lessons from video games - Looking for i

ProLinks #42 - Enterprise Archtecture, Jordan Peterson, squirrel attack and more

IT Cloud architecture: The end of multi-tenancy? - The key benefit of a multi tenant system is the immediacy of a new (logical) customer instance. Pseudo Localization @ Netflix - As we add language support for our members residing in 190 different countries, scaling globalization at Netflix has never been more important. How To Review Code You Don't Understand - One of the troubles I have with code review is understanding the context around a change. Given a diff, I can work through it line-by-line and understand most of what’s going on there, probably. What makes a great software engineer? - Knowing algorithms and data structures will get you the job. But to be great, you’ll need a whole lot more. Quick Lessons in Data Science practice - Basic statistics and mathematics is your compass in the field of Data Science. You must have it to have a sense of direction.  Enterprise Architecture - Architecting the Enterprise by Gregor Hohpe #AgileIndia2018 H

ProLinks #41 - Do we need standups?, why to keep a changelog, how to make friends and more

IT You don’t need standup - Up until January I was a developer who was upset at how many meetings I had.  Repeat yourself, do more than one thing, and rewrite everything - Following “Don’t Repeat Yourself” might lead you to a function with four boolean flags, and a matrix of behaviours to carefully navigate when changing the code. Face Anti-spoofing, Face Presentation Attack Detection - We proposes a novel two-stream CNN-based face antispoofing method, for print and replay attacks. The proposed method extracts the local features and holistic depth maps from face images. Bandit Algorithms Book - The book includes around 250 exercises, some of which have solutions. How I Built my Side Project and Got 31,000 Users the First Week - The first thing I do when I start working on a new product is to define an MVP. EUD Security Guidance: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS - This guidance was developed following testing on devices running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Keep a Changelog - Do