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ProLinks #35

IT Ridiculously Insecure Smart Lock - Regarding the third flaw, the manufacturer has responded that "...the lock is invincible to the people who do not have a screwdriver." Why Skylake CPUs Are Sometimes 50% Slower – How Intel Has Broken Existing Code - I got a call that on newer hardware some performance regression tests have become slower. A Voight-Kampff Test for Identifying Engineering Managers - When I joined Reddit in late 2016, I was faced with a unique challenge: tripling the size of the engineering organization within a year. Becoming a 10x Developer - 10 Ways to be a Better Teammate Myths programmers believe - I used to regularly host pub quizzes (aka trivia nights in some parts of our blue marble), and anyone who’s attended a few of my quizzes know that if it sounds like a trick question, it probably is. The Grand Theory of Amazon Why We Need To Talk About Burnout In The Tech Industry - Burnout is especially common in the fast-paced

ProLinks #34

IT The Manager Who Knew Everything - Have you ever worked for/with a manager that knows everything about everything? You know the sort; no matter what the issue, they stubbornly have an answer. Microservices Maturity Quiz - Below, you have a number of best practices that are common among the most successful deployments of microservices architecture. Take the quiz and see how you measure up! I fear Google's control of the web - My fear is this -- once Google has control of the web, they can turn off huge parts of it for whatever reason, however thoughtless, and without disclosing why. They might say they would never do it, but I've seen them do it with Google Reader.  Alternatives to Google Products – The Complete List - It’s been fun Google, but it’s time to say goodbye. Finance The Psychology of Money - Let me tell you the story of two investors, neither of whom knew each other, but whose paths crossed in an interesting way. Miscellaneou

ProLinks #33

IT How to Work With Software Engineers - How to Work With Software Engineers When I launch my unit tests The State of Developer Ecosystem in 2018 - In the beginning of 2018 we surveyed 6,000 developers to identify the State of Developer Ecosystem. Science Why Rich Kids Are So Good at the Marshmallow Test - Affluence—not willpower—seems to be what’s behind some kids' capacity to delay gratification. Best of Tech Support: Bill Nye, Neil DeGrasse Tyson and More Answer Science Questions from Twitter - Do your guts float in space? How do you know if you're an alien? Can you punch specific memories out of your brain? What exactly is a tractor beam? If humans evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys? Society I've lived as a man & a woman -- here's what I learned - If you’re a man, at one point or another you’ve probably thought to yourself, “I will never understand women!” And if you’re a woman, “what's wrong with men?

ProLinks #32

IT Patterns of Effective Teams - Some teams are orders of magnitude more effective than others, turning around business solutions in days or even hours. Apache Kafka vs RabbitMQ - I will be breaking down the differences between Apache Kafka and RabbitMQ and when they should be used.    Pinpointing people and places through advanced audio analysis - From hearing people’s voices, we make judgements all the time about their gender, age, ethnicity, social background, state of mental and physical health, surroundings and many other factors. 15 jokes only programmers will get Economics How much house can I afford? - Answering this question correctly is one of the keys to building a happy, wealthy life. Unfortunately, there’s a vast housing industry in the U.S. that’s geared toward providing the wrong answer. Miscellaneous The Most Valuable Airspace in the World  De Beers admits defeat over man-made diamonds -  De Beers launched a new jewelry bran