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ProLinks #18

Linux on Android, how street names can break navigation or how jokes are made. More inside. IT Becoming a Software Developer - Myths vs. Reality Samsung Launch ‘Linux on Galaxy’ Survey - The ‘Linux on Galaxy’ project allows a regular desktop Linux distro to run on select Samsung smartphones by sharing the same Linux kernel used in Android. STOP WASTING YOUR TIME AND LEARN MORE HACKING! Trying to teach I.T in a Ghanaian village. The European City Centre With No Street Names Google I/O 2009 - The Myth of the Genius Programmer Underestimating Estimation - Use estimation for making decisions and not customer commitments. Miscellaneous The Hidden Formula Behind Almost Every Joke on Late Night Bad News -  From fake news to chaos! How bad are you? Get as many followers as you can. Check out my Slovak newsletter (if you understand Slovak :) ). Subscribe to this newsletter by email Delivered by FeedBurner

ProLinks #17

How to write bad code, why we need fewer product managers or how does worldwide overnight shipping works. More inside. IT Everyone Can Write Bad Code - It’s Simpler than You Think  We Need Fewer Product Managers - This post may read like an attack on product management. That is not my intent at all. I love all things product. This post has been brewing as I interact with more and more companies struggling to define (and scale) product “management” in increasingly complex organizations. How did Google Talk change from a dream to a nightmare? - Years ago, I used Google Talk with almost everyone I talked to. Nowadays, I talk with almost no one on Hangouts. Google Talk has changed from “so good I can recommend to everyone” to a nightmare called Hangouts. So how did we get to this point? Some people really benefit from hearing advice that everyone knows -  Things Many People Find Too Obvious To Have Told You Already. Ethical Hacking Introduction Von Neumann

ProLinks #16

How good code dies, about bad and good algorithms and live stream from space. More inside. IT Fantastic Algorithms and Where To Find Them - Nicholas Ormrod - Meeting C++ 2017 You are doing Stand-ups wrong! - It’s another Monday morning in busy Sydney CBD offices. Once again my group is gathering against a wall and talking to it. This morning we are standing up. How good code dies - Or, how good documentation and stabilisation can lead to a software project’s downfall. When is Primitive Obsession not a code smell? - Would you create a DateOfBirth object and a Salary object? Gaming's most fiendish anti-piracy tricks - Publishers have struck back will all kinds of increasingly controversial copy protection systems over the years, the PC version of Assassin’s CreedII currently the latest title to raise the ire of gamers with its “No ‘net connection, no game for you” policy. 'Fiction is outperforming reality': how YouTube's algorithm distor

ProLinks #15

About code reviews, failing, parallelism or why Mr. Bean rulez. More inside. IT Code Reviews - Why, what and how - Arne Mertz - Meeting C++ 2017 If You’re Going to Fail, Fail Safely - So when something does go wrong, we want to minimize the impact as much as possible.  How I Hacked 40 Websites in 7 minutes - Long story short, my experience was always limited to simulated environments, and since I consider myself a white-hat hacker (aka one of the good guys) I never stuck my nose into other peoples’ businesses — quite literally. Why Personas Fail - I love demystifying this abstract topic, making it concrete, and addressing common pitfalls that practitioners encounter. Concurrency != Parallelism - beware: as with most things in life, a lot of people consider that there’s no real difference between the two. Concurrency is not parallelism -  To clear up this conflation, Rob Pike gave a talk at Heroku's Waza conference entitled Concurrency is not para