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ProLinks #43 - Lessons for Product Managers, Recruiters, Coders and more

IT Write clean code and get rid of code smells with real life examples - It is common that developers are kind of lazy, which is very good in so many ways; however, being lazy and copy/past lines of code is not a proper behaviour. The Floppotron: Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams cover by computer hardware orchestra.  Engineers Say "No Thanks" to Silicon Valley Recruiters, Citing Ethical Concerns - Some engineers are turning down tech recruiters by citing concerns about corporate values Software Security is a Programming Languages Issue - Security vulnerabilities are both enabled and prevented by various language (mis)features, and programming (anti)patterns.  Markov Chains - Explained Visually 1 year of Product Management later - So today, instead of talking about the ‘5 do’s and don’ts of being a good PM’ etc. I thought I’d share exactly what I observed and learned. Level up for UX: Design lessons from video games - Looking for i

ProLinks #42 - Enterprise Archtecture, Jordan Peterson, squirrel attack and more

IT Cloud architecture: The end of multi-tenancy? - The key benefit of a multi tenant system is the immediacy of a new (logical) customer instance. Pseudo Localization @ Netflix - As we add language support for our members residing in 190 different countries, scaling globalization at Netflix has never been more important. How To Review Code You Don't Understand - One of the troubles I have with code review is understanding the context around a change. Given a diff, I can work through it line-by-line and understand most of what’s going on there, probably. What makes a great software engineer? - Knowing algorithms and data structures will get you the job. But to be great, you’ll need a whole lot more. Quick Lessons in Data Science practice - Basic statistics and mathematics is your compass in the field of Data Science. You must have it to have a sense of direction.  Enterprise Architecture - Architecting the Enterprise by Gregor Hohpe #AgileIndia2018 H

ProLinks #41 - Do we need standups?, why to keep a changelog, how to make friends and more

IT You don’t need standup - Up until January I was a developer who was upset at how many meetings I had.  Repeat yourself, do more than one thing, and rewrite everything - Following “Don’t Repeat Yourself” might lead you to a function with four boolean flags, and a matrix of behaviours to carefully navigate when changing the code. Face Anti-spoofing, Face Presentation Attack Detection - We proposes a novel two-stream CNN-based face antispoofing method, for print and replay attacks. The proposed method extracts the local features and holistic depth maps from face images. Bandit Algorithms Book - The book includes around 250 exercises, some of which have solutions. How I Built my Side Project and Got 31,000 Users the First Week - The first thing I do when I start working on a new product is to define an MVP. EUD Security Guidance: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS - This guidance was developed following testing on devices running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Keep a Changelog - Do

ProLinks #40 - Ultimate cheat sheat, winning culture, thinking in bets and lot more

IT Siren Real-Time Performance | Project Spotlight | Unreal Engine Tools - The who, what, where, when, and how of social media data - The only cheat sheet you need As Technologists, It's Time That We Upgrade The Ethics Of Our Work - In 2018, we see widespread concern over the spread of fake news on social media platforms, data security and privacy, questions around the addictiveness of technology, and worry about unequal opportunity to benefit from technology. A developer's guide to working with designers - As a frontend developer, you’re bound to have a few horror stories from working with designers. Whether it was a un-implementable design tossed onto your desk, or a new screen within the app that has buttons ever so slightly different from the ones you spent hours styling, we’ve all been there.  Why we will always need new programming languages - We will always need new programming languages to improve our expressiveness. This is not

ProLinks #39 - How to take 7 years to ship a beta, counting people, spread of fake news and more

IT How to take 7 years to ship a beta. - So how can you take 7 years to make your game? Here are some important tips and tricks for taking your sweet time. Counting People with Andrew Farah - Knowing how many people are in your building can answer several business-related questions. Do you need to unlock an additional entrance? Should you open another store? Do you really need a building this big? Software Development “Real developers don’t use UIs” - The value of web UIs for CLI-oriented users The Spread of Fake News - How does fake news get spread online? Its not just a matter of manipulating search algorithms. Society Who Is America? (2018) | First Look | Sacha Baron Cohen SHOWTIME Series Trevor Noah’s World Cup joke shows how the world misunderstands the French - To people outside France, the debate between a comedian and an ambassador over soccer may seem odd. But the joke has struck a nerve because it intersects with the very serious issue

ProLinks #38 - About Microsoft calling for regulation, a bull with most descendents and more

IT Microsoft calls for facial recognition technology rules given 'potential for abuse' - President Brad Smith warns authorities might track, investigate or arrest people based on flawed evidence. Source: Wikimedia They Watched Us With Webcams And Rewrote Our Code! -  One of the most frustrating software projects I've been on involved webcam spying and having our code rewritten. History The General Crisis - In which John gets curious about the last time global human population declined and ends up learning about a period of human history called The General Crisis.  Finance How I’m Getting Richer Every Day - I’m not hungry for money. Compared to several years ago, when I had less money, I still have the same life. Miscellaneous How One Bull Revolutionized The Way We Drink Milk - Cows that mated with famed bull Pawnee Farm Arlinda Chief produced far more milk than the average cow. Europe's most wanted ‘Find Your Passion’

ProLinks #37 - Critique of full-stack engineering, rain in the Data Centre and more

IT I Don’t Believe in Full-Stack Engineering -  Of all the engineers I’ve met over the years only one has come close to what that title, full-stack engineer, implies: the ability to easily navigate the back-end and front-end with a senior level of expertise. For the rest of us though, it’s simply not possible to do both. It Was Raining in the Data Center - What do Facebook’s secluded servers reveal about the internet’s military roots? Manual Work is a Bug - A.B.A: always be automating Future Projection with Tim O’Reilly - Tim O’Reilly’s book What’s the Future? is an overview of business, technology, and society. As the founder of O’Reilly Media, Tim has been steeped in technology trends for the last 40 years. Work What Is Employee 'Ghosting'? How Companies Created Their Own Worst Nightmare - Employers have been 'ghosting' workers for years; now the tables have turned. Here's how to improve the situation. Parenting 10 Mistake

ProLinks #36

IT Engineering Student Designs a "Mobile Airbag" that Deploys When your Device is Dropped - The German Society for Mechatronics recently awarded outstanding work in the field of mechatronics. Why I left my job at Google (as a software engineer) -   "The Tech Lead" Patrick Shyu explains why he quit Google as a software engineer. The 666 roadmap - If you work in a startup, a really effective way of thinking about your product roadmap is over three timelines: the next 6 years, next 6 months, and next 6 weeks.  Science The independent researcher - Many researchers were personally wealthy or had access to deep pockets. Charles Darwin pursued scientific collection as a hobby, and his first voyage on HMS Beagle was funded by his family. Miscellaneous The Irresistible Goblin of Chiloé - The world has always been full of hideous goblins. Perhaps it is time we started to shine some light on them.

ProLinks #35

IT Ridiculously Insecure Smart Lock - Regarding the third flaw, the manufacturer has responded that "...the lock is invincible to the people who do not have a screwdriver." Why Skylake CPUs Are Sometimes 50% Slower – How Intel Has Broken Existing Code - I got a call that on newer hardware some performance regression tests have become slower. A Voight-Kampff Test for Identifying Engineering Managers - When I joined Reddit in late 2016, I was faced with a unique challenge: tripling the size of the engineering organization within a year. Becoming a 10x Developer - 10 Ways to be a Better Teammate Myths programmers believe - I used to regularly host pub quizzes (aka trivia nights in some parts of our blue marble), and anyone who’s attended a few of my quizzes know that if it sounds like a trick question, it probably is. The Grand Theory of Amazon Why We Need To Talk About Burnout In The Tech Industry - Burnout is especially common in the fast-paced

ProLinks #34

IT The Manager Who Knew Everything - Have you ever worked for/with a manager that knows everything about everything? You know the sort; no matter what the issue, they stubbornly have an answer. Microservices Maturity Quiz - Below, you have a number of best practices that are common among the most successful deployments of microservices architecture. Take the quiz and see how you measure up! I fear Google's control of the web - My fear is this -- once Google has control of the web, they can turn off huge parts of it for whatever reason, however thoughtless, and without disclosing why. They might say they would never do it, but I've seen them do it with Google Reader.  Alternatives to Google Products – The Complete List - It’s been fun Google, but it’s time to say goodbye. Finance The Psychology of Money - Let me tell you the story of two investors, neither of whom knew each other, but whose paths crossed in an interesting way. Miscellaneou

ProLinks #33

IT How to Work With Software Engineers - How to Work With Software Engineers When I launch my unit tests The State of Developer Ecosystem in 2018 - In the beginning of 2018 we surveyed 6,000 developers to identify the State of Developer Ecosystem. Science Why Rich Kids Are So Good at the Marshmallow Test - Affluence—not willpower—seems to be what’s behind some kids' capacity to delay gratification. Best of Tech Support: Bill Nye, Neil DeGrasse Tyson and More Answer Science Questions from Twitter - Do your guts float in space? How do you know if you're an alien? Can you punch specific memories out of your brain? What exactly is a tractor beam? If humans evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys? Society I've lived as a man & a woman -- here's what I learned - If you’re a man, at one point or another you’ve probably thought to yourself, “I will never understand women!” And if you’re a woman, “what's wrong with men?

ProLinks #32

IT Patterns of Effective Teams - Some teams are orders of magnitude more effective than others, turning around business solutions in days or even hours. Apache Kafka vs RabbitMQ - I will be breaking down the differences between Apache Kafka and RabbitMQ and when they should be used.    Pinpointing people and places through advanced audio analysis - From hearing people’s voices, we make judgements all the time about their gender, age, ethnicity, social background, state of mental and physical health, surroundings and many other factors. 15 jokes only programmers will get Economics How much house can I afford? - Answering this question correctly is one of the keys to building a happy, wealthy life. Unfortunately, there’s a vast housing industry in the U.S. that’s geared toward providing the wrong answer. Miscellaneous The Most Valuable Airspace in the World  De Beers admits defeat over man-made diamonds -  De Beers launched a new jewelry bran

ProLinks #31

IT 2 Minutes of Programming: Don’t use loops . - You should use functions like map, filter, and reduce instead of writing for or while loops. Things you should never say when interviewing for a developer role - Being a developer these days is both good and bad. There are a lot of jobs available out there but there is a lot of competition too.  Spot A Fake Agile Team In Under 7 Minutes! -  It's always been popular to tell people how they're "doing it wrong" and agile software development is just as easy to call "fake". The Code-Free Developer Interview - When it comes to evaluating candidates for software engineering roles, it's hard to keep up with the latest and greatest techniques.  Facebook conspiracy theories after Android app tries to “get root” - Facebook popped up in a slew of new cybersecurity conspiracy theories over the weekend. Consistently Eventual - For many data items, the work never settles on a value.

ProLinks #30

IT How to write commit messages - A good commit message is one that your team agrees that is good. Google’s Dangerous Identity Crisis - Is Barack Obama planning a coup? There are many ways to answer that question — “Why are you asking this question?” “What on earth would make you think that?” and, most simply and most accurately, “No.” Alexa and Siri Can Hear This Hidden Command. You Can’t. - Researchers can now send secret audio instructions undetectable to the human ear to Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant. Society The Intellectual We Deserve - Jordan Peterson’s popularity is the sign of a deeply impoverished political and intellectual landscape… Source: Wikimedia Why Winners Keep Winning - On Cumulative Advantage and How to Think About Luck Politics The fascist philosopher behind Vladimir Putin’s information warfare - Yale University Professor Timothy Snyder gives a crash course in Ivan Ilyin's philosophy of fascis

ProLinks #29

IT Programming Sucks - All programming teams are constructed by and of crazy people Google just gave a stunning demo of Assistant making an actual phone call - It’s hard to believe AI can interact with people this naturally What Europe’s Tough New Data Law Means for You, and the Internet - Here’s what it means for you. Miscellaneous 10 “Notes to Self” that Will Stop You from Taking Things Personally - Why do we always take things so personally? What is my strategy? Pretty Loud For Being So Silenced - Critics of the left aren’t oppressed and they don’t believe in “rational debate.”

ProLinks #28

IT Healing The Rift Between Programmers And Managers -  It's common in many companies for there to be animosity between programmers and managers. How to get a Team Lead job - Recently I’ve switched from a developer role to hands-on team lead and decided to share my experience while it is still fresh in memory. Three kinds of memory leaks - So, you’ve got a program that’s using more and more over time as it runs. Probably you can immediately identify this as a likely symptom of a memory leak. Seniority - People use different words to classify Engineer skill, some companies give you more senior role just based on a number of years you have been working there, but what does it mean to be Senior? Programmers Don’t Understand Value - How should we decide what to work on? Answering that question is the key to all software development processes. Containers Society The Wisdom and/or Madness of Crowds Science Falsifiability and Messy Scienc

ProLinks #27

IT Not Everyone Should Code - It’s become popular to encourage anyone and everyone to code. But there simply won’t be unlimited demand for the skill, nor will everyone actually enjoy it. Is Refactoring That Code Really A Good Idea? -  It's tempting to jump into refactoring code that's hard for you to understand. Dependency Injection Demystified - When I finally took the time to figure out what people were talking about, I laughed. "That's all it is?"  Don't Call Yourself A Programmer, And Other Career Advice - If there was one course I could add to every engineering education, it wouldn’t involve compilers or gates or time complexity.  dumber phone - Less is exponentially more – Rob Pike Society Jordan Peele’s simulated Obama PSA is a double-edged warning against fake news - This deepfaked warning against deepfakes almost makes its point too well. Science Drunk People Are Better at Creative Problem Solving - The conc

ProLinks #26

IT Be likeable or get fired! - I have just been let go by my employer after only 5 months on the job. As usual in my country, the contract I signed included a probation period of 6 months within which any party (employee or employer) could terminate the contract, basically without advance notice. How IBM quietly pushed out 20,000 older workers -  Age discrimination can be very hard to prove. For mathematicians, = does not mean equality - It’s ironic that so much of the merits or detriment of the use of = is based on a veiled appeal to the purity of mathematics. Just as often software engineers turn the tables, and any similarity to mathematics is decried as elitist jibber jabber (Such an archaic and abstruse use of symbols! Oh no, big-O!).  Hiring your first Product Manager . - There are no Ivy League courses you can hire from without a second thought. Also, who is a PM really? Designing Services for Resilience: Netflix Lessons - Nora Jones talks about designin

ProLinks #25

About real programmers, good developers, cognitive biases, China social experiment acronyms and more.  IT REAL programmers don’t use Visual Studio - Why would someone want a nice GUI when we can use terminal based editors, such as vim or emacs. Chrome and Firefox will support a new standard for password-free logins - Today’s announcement the latest step in a years-long effort to move users away from passwords and toward more secure login methods like biometrics and USB tokens. Why Does "=" Mean Assignment? - How can a = a + 1? That’s like saying 1 = 2. Mutable assignment makes no sense. Good developer/Bad developer - Do some of these bad things sound familiar? A Collection of O’rly book Covers - A quick collection of all the fake Orly book covers I find around on the internet. Science 58 cognitive biases that screw up everything we do - We like to think we're rational human beings. Milk Is Just Filtered Blood - Female mammal

ProLinks #24

About end of windows, reinventing the wheel, cost per decision and more. IT One of Estonia's first "e-residents" explains what it means to have digital citizenship - An online community survey recently asked me where I’m based. Without hesitation, I answered “Estonia.” You might ask: as a US citizen, why in the world did I do that? Observability: A Manifesto - Everybody and their freaking grandpa is now claiming to do observability, not stodgy old monitoring. Fine, great. Nice to be trendy I guess. The End of Windows - What is more interesting, though, is the story of Windows’ decline in Redmond, culminating with last week’s reorganization that, for the first time since 1980, left the company without a division devoted to personal computer operating systems. Sane Office Environment with Code Review Guidelines - Code reviews help keep code clean, efficient, and productive. Find here some checklists and the dos and don'ts for reviewers. Pl