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ProLinks #10

Net neutrality, bitcoin, newest US aircraft carrier and lots more inside. IT How the end of net neutrality could change the internet Can we assume while testing software that a user wouldn't perform such silly actions on software? - For example: While performing functional testing of a form in a web application, we will test the fields by entering different kind of random input values. Incidents, fixes, and the day after - In, our engineers have lots of freedom and can deploy changes 24/7 directly in the production environment. Linux Performance: Why You Should Almost Always Add Swap Space - We know that using swap space instead of RAM can severely slow down the performance of Linux. So then, one might ask, since I have more than enough RAM available, wouldn’t it better to remove swap space completely? SQL Injection Wiki! - This wiki's mission is to be a one stop resource for fully identifying, exploiting, and escalating SQL injection vul

ProLinks #9

GDPR is coming, most programming jobs are bullshit and acts of gods are going away. More inside. IT Internet protocols are changing - For many years, there were negligible changes to these core Internet protocols; HTTP added a few new headers and methods, TLS slowly went through minor revisions, TCP adapted congestion control, and DNS introduced features like DNSSEC.  Most Software Dev Jobs Are Bullshit Jobs - I believe that there is literally no reason software developers should ever work 80, or even 40 hours a week. Bitcoin is none of the things it was supposed to be - The cryptocurrency was supposed to replace the finance industry. Instead, it has replicated it. That time Larry Ellison allegedly tried to have a professor fired for benchmarking Oracle - In 1983, at the University of Wisconsin, Dina Bitton, David DeWitt, and Carolyn Turbyfill created a database benchmarking framework. Memory Leaks: Fallacies and Misconceptions - I will walk you through four d

ProLinks #8

5 rules of programming, universal basic income or how EU build a wall that Trump can be envious of. Enjoy! IT Why Concerns About Net Neutrality Are Overblown - Critics worry that getting rid of neutrality regulation will lead to a “two-tier” internet: Internet service providers will start charging fees to websites and apps, and slow down or block the sites that don’t pay up. The role of software in spacecraft accidents - Following on from yesterday’s look at safety in AI systems, I thought it would make an interesting pairing to follow up with this 2004 paper from Nancy Leveson studying spacecraft accidents. Rob Pike's 5 Rules of Programming - Rob Pike, is now a Distinguished Engineer at Google co-authoring Go programming language, apart from other things. Prior to this stint, he worked at Bell Labs as a core member of the Unix Team. Netflix Is Not Going to Kill Piracy, Research Suggests - Netflix and other on-demand streaming services barely help to curtail pi

ProLinks #7

In this week edition you can learn about monads, business lessons, healthcare systems or why most public benches suck. Enjoy! IT How programmers get disqualified from doing everything else - Being able to program is one of the few skills that can make you be seen as less than what you are. What is a Monad? DRY principle often makes my code more complicated and/or more difficult to understand - How do I get over this? What am I not considering? May the next Etsy learn its lessons - Venture capital taught Etsy that making money wasn’t a skill it needed to learn early on. Code Health: Obsessed With Primitives? - Programming languages provide basic types, such as integers, strings, and maps, which are useful in many contexts. Deflationary Spiral - Some people worry about Bitcoin being “deflationary”, that it appreciates over time. Facebook is not worth $33,000,000,000 - It’s getting beyond ridiculous and when even serious publications like Forbes jump on for a ride.