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ProLinks #2

In the second edition of ProLinks you can lear about PostgreSQL optimisation, A/B testing, discussion about death and much more. Enjoy! IT 10 Cool SQL Optimisations That do not Depend on the Cost Model - Today, we don’t want to talk about cost based optimisation, i.e. optimisations that depend on a database’s cost model. We’ll look into much simpler optimisations that can be implemented purely based on meta data (e.g. constraints) and the query itself.  What Comes after Microservices? A tour of Postgres Index Types - Postgres has a number of index types, and with each new release seems to come with another new index type. Each of these indexes can be useful, but which one to use depends on 1. the data type and then sometimes 2. Why are most A/B test results a lie? - In a report on A/B testing Martin Goodson at Qubit suggests that “most A/B winning test results are illusory”. Andre Morys at Web Arts goes even further and argues that “90% of test results

ProLinks #1

Welcome to first edition of ProLinks, the most interesting articles, videos, books and other interesting stuff I have found this weeks. IT Software Engineering is different from Programming - All software engineers can program, but not all programmers can engineer software Recruiting for privilege - “Is it reasonable to expect that a (jr) developer or tester spend time educating themselves in their spare time?” The Official Software - This procedure ran painfully slowly; it took about 11 hours to dump a little more than 2 MB from the tape onto the target disk, and nobody could tell me why. My 20-Year Experience of Software Development Methodologies - Collective fictions are things that don’t describe solid objects in the real world we can see and touch. Things like religions, nationalism, liberal democracy, or Popperian falsifiability in science.  Five Minute Guide to Software Security - Education is the best way to mitigate security breaches. Security