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Time management and overcoming procrastination

I have tried several different tools and approaches to overcome my procrastination and do stuff that I want to do. After several years I found that several quite "easy" steps work quite well. They are no miracle recipe and it may not work for you. It took a long time until I have adjusted to this approach. But I find it quite effective. Here it is.   Write everything down Well. I do not mean everything. Just the stuff you want to do. Even if it is trivial. Even if you think "I won't definitely forget about this". And do this in one "place". Do you ask why? We are humans and we forget a lot. I am sure that you have experienced it more than once. You are lying in your bed and have a great idea. But you think it can wait until morning. And next morning you know you have had an idea, but you cannot remember what it was. It is also important to keep all of it in one place. Do not use your email as a ToDo list. Or your messenger. Everythin

From automation to immutable infrastructure

When you are starting your company, especially IT company, and its focus is on developing some software product, you probably do not put much thoughts and time into planning and building your network and server infrastructure.  And why should you? It is not easy, it takes time, knowledge and experience and it is not important for your development. In a small team, where you can trust everybody and everybody knows everything about infrastructure, it is faster, cheaper and easier to just roll with it. Falling down the rabbit hole  Planning and building your infrastructure will take time and resources that can never pay off if your company will not be successful, so it is basically not a wise investment. It is all fine until you hit certain point when your company kicks off and you need to employ more people. More people mean more security risks and harder information flow between them. So you decide to hire a system administrator. And he will start to set up your infra