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ProLinks #10

Net neutrality, bitcoin, newest US aircraft carrier and lots more inside. IT How the end of net neutrality could change the internet Can we assume while testing software that a user wouldn't perform such silly actions on software? - For example: While performing functional testing of a form in a web application, we will test the fields by entering different kind of random input values. Incidents, fixes, and the day after - In, our engineers have lots of freedom and can deploy changes 24/7 directly in the production environment. Linux Performance: Why You Should Almost Always Add Swap Space - We know that using swap space instead of RAM can severely slow down the performance of Linux. So then, one might ask, since I have more than enough RAM available, wouldn’t it better to remove swap space completely? SQL Injection Wiki! - This wiki's mission is to be a one stop resource for fully identifying, exploiting, and escalating SQL injection vul

ProLinks #9

GDPR is coming, most programming jobs are bullshit and acts of gods are going away. More inside. IT Internet protocols are changing - For many years, there were negligible changes to these core Internet protocols; HTTP added a few new headers and methods, TLS slowly went through minor revisions, TCP adapted congestion control, and DNS introduced features like DNSSEC.  Most Software Dev Jobs Are Bullshit Jobs - I believe that there is literally no reason software developers should ever work 80, or even 40 hours a week. Bitcoin is none of the things it was supposed to be - The cryptocurrency was supposed to replace the finance industry. Instead, it has replicated it. That time Larry Ellison allegedly tried to have a professor fired for benchmarking Oracle - In 1983, at the University of Wisconsin, Dina Bitton, David DeWitt, and Carolyn Turbyfill created a database benchmarking framework. Memory Leaks: Fallacies and Misconceptions - I will walk you through four d

ProLinks #8

5 rules of programming, universal basic income or how EU build a wall that Trump can be envious of. Enjoy! IT Why Concerns About Net Neutrality Are Overblown - Critics worry that getting rid of neutrality regulation will lead to a “two-tier” internet: Internet service providers will start charging fees to websites and apps, and slow down or block the sites that don’t pay up. The role of software in spacecraft accidents - Following on from yesterday’s look at safety in AI systems, I thought it would make an interesting pairing to follow up with this 2004 paper from Nancy Leveson studying spacecraft accidents. Rob Pike's 5 Rules of Programming - Rob Pike, is now a Distinguished Engineer at Google co-authoring Go programming language, apart from other things. Prior to this stint, he worked at Bell Labs as a core member of the Unix Team. Netflix Is Not Going to Kill Piracy, Research Suggests - Netflix and other on-demand streaming services barely help to curtail pi

ProLinks #7

In this week edition you can learn about monads, business lessons, healthcare systems or why most public benches suck. Enjoy! IT How programmers get disqualified from doing everything else - Being able to program is one of the few skills that can make you be seen as less than what you are. What is a Monad? DRY principle often makes my code more complicated and/or more difficult to understand - How do I get over this? What am I not considering? May the next Etsy learn its lessons - Venture capital taught Etsy that making money wasn’t a skill it needed to learn early on. Code Health: Obsessed With Primitives? - Programming languages provide basic types, such as integers, strings, and maps, which are useful in many contexts. Deflationary Spiral - Some people worry about Bitcoin being “deflationary”, that it appreciates over time. Facebook is not worth $33,000,000,000 - It’s getting beyond ridiculous and when even serious publications like Forbes jump on for a ride.

ProLinks #6

Should you comment your code? Is there poo everywhere? How are people switching jobs? More inside. IT Why the Update Fever is Bad - I just got asked by a customer why there hasn't been an update for several months now for one of the software products I create.  Comment Your Code - There’s a disturbing thread that pops up every once in a while where People On The Internet say that comments are bad and the only reason you need them is because you and/or your code aren’t good enough. I’m here to say that’s bullshit. Fast software is a discipline, not a purpose - When people train, they usually don’t try to actually run faster or lift heavier weights. Technical interviews are garbage. Here’s what we do instead - At Xtreme Labs, Farhan hired 1,000 people over four years. No, it is not a compiler error. It is never a compiler error. - The compiler did not have a bug. The compiler never had a bug. The bug was always in the programmer's code and usually in the

ProLinks #5

As I took a vacation after a long time and did not manage my time well, you can read this edition of ProLinks unusually on Tuesday. Non the less, you can learn about bitcoin bubble, where to live based on your weather preferences or how to spot really smart people. IT The bitcoin bubble - There may be good reasons for buying bitcoin. But the dominant reason at the moment is that it is rising in price. How to take great Engineers & make them great Technical Leaders What a C programmer should know about memory - Many years and “every programmer should know about” articles later, the concept of virtual memory is still elusive to many, as if it was a kind of magic. Asshole-driven development - From Agile, to Extreme Programming , to Test Driven Development (TDD), the acronyms and frameworks keep piling up. Why? Silicon Valley’s Top Product Managers Use Feature Flags — And You Should Too - How product managers at top companies control releases and accelerat

ProLinks #4

Lot of stuff about serverless and other changes that are coming to IT world and also interesting looks into alt-right and Antifa worlds. All this and more in this week edition of ProLinks. IT No, I have no side code projects to show you - I have no presence on github. I have no open-source projects with which I whittle away my evenings. I have exactly zero pull requests for any of the latest sexy codebases all the cool coders are in on. I don't mess around with exercises in Haskel. And I loathe hackathons. Why would anyone choose Docker over fat binaries? - I have the impression that Docker is an incredible technical feat that barely manages to keep an old paradigm alive. I interviewed at five top companies in Silicon Valley in five days, and luckily got five job offers - In the five days from July 24th to 28th 2017, I interviewed at LinkedIn, Salesforce Einstein, Google, Airbnb, and Facebook, and got all five job offers. What is ba

ProLinks #3

I was visiting customers in Bangkok during last week, so the stuff I have read and watched was mostly to relax after long day. But still you can learn something about algorithms, teamwork and what happens, when a monkey bites you in Asia. Enjoy! IT Why cross-functional teams fail? How solver-teams sail! - A "cross-functional project" is a synonym for "nightmare project" in any corporate. One has to remain on guard from so-called cross-functional team members. Sorting Algorithms Revisualized - Anyway, starting with merge sort. Merge sort works by taking two sorted lists, and merging them together to make a larger sorted list. However, since we're starting out with an unsorted list, we don't have two sorted lists to merge together! Politics How Trump Is Mishandling the Opioid Crisis: The Daily Show Miscellaneous The “Rules” of Writing - So, the purpose of this question is to provide a place where we can list these axio

ProLinks #2

In the second edition of ProLinks you can lear about PostgreSQL optimisation, A/B testing, discussion about death and much more. Enjoy! IT 10 Cool SQL Optimisations That do not Depend on the Cost Model - Today, we don’t want to talk about cost based optimisation, i.e. optimisations that depend on a database’s cost model. We’ll look into much simpler optimisations that can be implemented purely based on meta data (e.g. constraints) and the query itself.  What Comes after Microservices? A tour of Postgres Index Types - Postgres has a number of index types, and with each new release seems to come with another new index type. Each of these indexes can be useful, but which one to use depends on 1. the data type and then sometimes 2. Why are most A/B test results a lie? - In a report on A/B testing Martin Goodson at Qubit suggests that “most A/B winning test results are illusory”. Andre Morys at Web Arts goes even further and argues that “90% of test results

ProLinks #1

Welcome to first edition of ProLinks, the most interesting articles, videos, books and other interesting stuff I have found this weeks. IT Software Engineering is different from Programming - All software engineers can program, but not all programmers can engineer software Recruiting for privilege - “Is it reasonable to expect that a (jr) developer or tester spend time educating themselves in their spare time?” The Official Software - This procedure ran painfully slowly; it took about 11 hours to dump a little more than 2 MB from the tape onto the target disk, and nobody could tell me why. My 20-Year Experience of Software Development Methodologies - Collective fictions are things that don’t describe solid objects in the real world we can see and touch. Things like religions, nationalism, liberal democracy, or Popperian falsifiability in science.  Five Minute Guide to Software Security - Education is the best way to mitigate security breaches. Security

Learning sources for IT Consultant

I went into IT consulting. And as with everything that I start anew, I have tried to find some good learning materials and sources to get me started. But it got really difficult really quickly. As I found out, there are not many materials and sources focused specifically on this topic. This got me thinking. How is this possible? There are tons of materials for business consulting, so how come there are almost non for IT? So I thought about it. And than it hit me. There are lots of materials for IT consultant. They are just not named as such.  First of all, IT consultancy is pretty broad topic so it depends on what are you consulting. Is it software development? Is it security? Is it biometrics systems? Based on the topic you are consulting you can find needed domain knowledge. You can be brilliant programmer, but if you have no idea about given domain, you will be no help to your client. Secondly, consultancy is the same when it comes to soft skills regardless if you a

Are there types of programmers?

As a response to my previous post about why there is so many programming languages I got very interesting answer about types of programmers. Than I have read linked article about Mort, Elvis, Einstein, and You  and subsequently post The Two Types of Programmers  which lead me to The Fourteen Types of Programmers .  As you have probably realized, there are many different opinions on this topic. So what is the reality? Let me add to the pile of opinions. It always comes down to this - How do we set the criteria on which we want to categorize. Based on these criteria we can form clusters. These clusters of programmers are than our categories. You could probably do this with clustering algorithm if you can form reasonable dataset. So basically the question how many types of programmers are there  cannot be answered without specifying your criteria. And from this misunderstanding of how the question works comes discussions about how many categories there is. There